What is EventsLinked?

EventsLinked is an online networking facility - specifically designed for conference and seminar attendees. It allows the attendees of an event to interact with one-another, before and after the event.

> Benefits of EventsLinked to event organisers

> Benefits of EventsLinked to attendees/delegates


Benefits of EventsLinked to event organisers:

          • Provides an added advantage to your event attendees by letting them network with each other via a secure and protected online system before and after the event.
          • Provides an opportunity for your delegates to discuss the conference agenda or event program prior to the event.
          • Protects the privacy of a delegate by simply enabling them to amend their own settings and contact details.
          • Allows your delegates to network with other like minded attendees allowing searches to take place through EventsLinked based on a person's position, name, company and interests.
          • Provides a return on investment and assists in justifying the costs to attend - Making it easier for the organiser to sell their event.
          • The organiser can keep the event live for as long as they want -  allowing delegates to connect even after the event has occurred.
          • The organiser has full access to the system allowing them to create an event, manually add delegates or upload a list, view statistics, enabling and disabling attendee, adding topics, poll and forums.
          • Fully password protected system to ensure your data is secured and un-accessible to others.
          • Promote other events to confirmed delegates through banner advertisements.


Benefits of EventsLinked to a delegate/attendee:

          • Networking is always difficult at a conference, seminar or corporate event. With so many people, trying to look for that particular person/people you would really like to connect with can turn out to be an extremely difficult task. Hesitation to start a conversation with someone you don’t know is a common problem. EventsLinked has a solution - Connect and network with other attendees before you get there.
          • Your identity and contact details are protected and secured. You have the ability to make yourself invisible or hide certain contact details.
          • Customise your profile at any time.
          • Search for other attendees by position, name, company and interests.
          • Send one-to-one messages directly to other attendees.
          • Search, connect and make contact before you attend the event.
          • Discuss the conference agenda, event program or other issues with other delegates prior to attending the event.
          • Initiate topics for discussion and make comments via the online forum.
          • Maintain a complete contact list of people you wish to meet up with during the event.
          • Add a photo to your profile allowing other attendees to recognise you when they see you. Eliminates people walking around reading name badges all day.
          • Say “Hi David, how are you” rather than “Hi, I am Peter from ABC Group, What is your name, What do you do?”  You know the person already!!  
          • Networking times at conferences, seminars and corporate events can often be quite limited - ensure you are getting the most out of your opportunity by doing the ground work prior to date. If you do happen to miss someone on the day - it's OK - you can still contact them via EventsLinked after the conference.
          • Build contacts and relationships that exceed the duration of the event.


To be able to use EventsLinked as a delegate, you need to ask your conference organiser to enable this function for the event you are planning to attend.